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Feeling outmatched? Don't sweat it.

Racket Doctor is here to transform your racket into a weapon of mass court destruction. Our Master Racket Technicians (MRTs) are the equivalent of Hawkeye – precise and lethal.
They'll have your racket feeling crisper than a can of unopened balls.

Craving a new frame that feels like an extension of your arm?
We've got a killer selection guaranteed to be your perfect doubles partner. Racket feeling like it forgot how to swing? Our racket repair and customization is so good, it's almost to a fault...for your opponents!

So, let RD string you victory!


Restringing: Certified stringers and while-you-wait restringing available for tennis, badminton, squash, and racquetball.


Racket Matching: Ensures your rackets have identical specs by comparing weight, balance, and swingweight.


Racket Tuning: Fine-tune your racket's performance by adjusting weight, balance, and swingweight for a customized feel.



Racket Selection: Forget racket roulette! RD will assess your game, break down your needs, and ensure you walk out with a performance racket built for victory.


Shoe Selection: The RD team can help you navigate our wide selection to find the perfect shoes that fit your feet and elevate your game.


Repairs/Customizations: Rejuvenate your racket with re-gripping, grip customization (enlargement & reduction), grommet/bumper replacement, and end cap restoration.

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