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The Story of Randy Kramer

The man who strung it all together at the Racket Doctor.

a throwback photo of Racket Doctor featuring Randy Kramer and two other men standing in front of stringing machines

"Try this, you may like it."

Another day, another ordinary summer.
Or was it?

14-year-old Randy wasn't handed a silver racket, but a hand-me-down Jack Kramer (no relation) that sparked a fire.

One fateful "try this, you may like it" from his track coach, and tennis became his obsession.

From ball boy to an RD legend, Randy's journey is a love story written in topspin.

The Back Alley to Mecca:

After serving his country, Randy returned to LA with a dream.

Inspired by a passing "Rug Doctor" van (yes, really!), the Racket Doctor was born.

An old photo of Racket Doctor's original owner, Randy Kramer, holding a racket and standing in front of a Racket Doctor van
Front of store construction of the Racket Doctor in the 1970s

"The String Surgeon"

This wasn't your average store. It was a sanctuary for rackets, a place where Randy wielded his stringing tools with the precision of a surgeon (they called him "The String Surgeon" for a reason).

Here, fair prices and service was so good, it felt like winning match point was the name of the game.

(photo of the Racket Doctor Store construction, 1970s)

David vs. Goliath: The Fight for Fair Play

Greedy manufacturers tried to squeeze competition, but Randy wasn't having it.

He became David to their Goliath, taking his fight for fair prices all the way to national TV.

Randy Kramer lobbying Congress against price fixing in Washington D.C.
A throwback photo of the wall of retail rackets inside of the Racket Doctor

A Victory That Echoed Through the Tennis World.

Picture this: a passionate Randy Kramer, a modern-day gladiator, battling for the rights of consumers on "Good Morning America."

It wasn't easy. Lawsuits, intimidation – they threw everything at him. But Randy, fueled by his love for the game and his loyal customers, wouldn't back down.

In the end, the case was dismissed, a victory that echoed through the tennis world.

From Ball Boy to RD Legend

One racket, a spark of passion, and a lifetime of dedication transformed the restringing and tennis retail game forever.

We invite you to visit the Racket Doctor and experience the difference.

We're not just selling equipment, we're celebrating the love of the game.

After all, isn't that what tennis is all about?

A throwback photo of the old Racket Doctor "Racket Man" logo
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