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Certified stringers. Master racket technicians. Killer selection.

a throwback photo of Racket Doctor's annivesary sale and the store filled with people shopping


We're the difference between "match point" and "match disappointment!"

Racket Doctor has been serving SoCal for over 50 years – longer than all of Agassi's mullets combined! We restring for every racket sport under the sun – from tennis to squash, racquetball, and beyond! And when it comes to gearing up for tennis or pickleball, RD has your weapon of choice in-store.

RD is located in the vibrant Atwater Village, just a powerful serve away from the legendary courts of Griffith Park, Glendale, and Burbank. Here, the only "racket" you'll hear is over the brunch bill (because that avocado toast better be worth it!).

Plus, the 5 Freeway makes finding us easier than remembering your opponent's name after a three-hour match. And with free parking behind the store, you can focus on channeling your inner beast on the court, not battling for a spot.

So, why settle for "match disappointment?"
Swing by Racket Doctor and ace your game with us!

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