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Our team has vast experience in all facets of racquet sports. We will help you choose a new racquet for yourself or anyone in your family. If you’re not quite sure and would like to try one of our demo racquets, just ask. We’ll also assist you with the selection of name-brand shoes, apparel and accessories.

“Our customers definitely have our attention,” co-owner Dr. Raymond Lee says. “An important part of our business is listening. If our customers have questions or concerns, someone is always available in the store to assist them.”


You can reserve your stringing appointment by calling ahead at (323) 663-6601

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Our expert management team: Chris, Alex and Beau

We string tennis, badminton, squash
and racquetball racquets.

We string tennis, badminton, squash and racquetball racquets.

NEW! Head 3 in 1 Swingweight Machine / Diagnostic Center


Precise Balance — Bring your racquets to be weighed on the Head Swingweight Machine, which offers exact calculations and diagnostics. This exclusive service is available to customers at no charge. Call (323) 663- 6601 for an appointment.

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Repair Shop — Most racquet repairs can be done while you wait: handle repair, new grips and overgrips, grommet replacement.

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Expert Staff — We’ll help you select the perfect gear for your level of play.

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Selecting the best shoes that fit you and your game from our extensive inventory.